How to cancel an order on Aliexpress and get a refund [2023]

Have you regretted an order you recently placed on Aliexpress and would like to know if you can cancel it? Learn about all the steps you must take to close your order and get your money back.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
cancel aliexpress order

When buying from online sites, you will face certain conditions. The order is canceled if it has not yet been delivered to the seller and the shipment has not yet been processed by the seller.

In AliExpress parlance, we mean a dispute when the order cancellation started after the supplier started the delivery process.

The term "refund" is used when the platform or directly the seller returns funds to the account of the user who placed the order.

The process of canceling an order on AliExpress is very simple; Depending on the status of your shipment, the execution will take a few days and the conditions will vary, since it is not the same to cancel a product that has not been sent to you as if it is advanced in the evolution of the delivery.

How to cancel an order on Aliexpress

Below we detail the steps to successfully cancel an order, depending on the case:

  • Cancel an Aliexpress order if it has not been shipped yet: If the seller has not shipped the order, the platform will proceed to refund the amount of money automatically after canceling your order.

    To perform this action, first enter the AliExpress website with your username and password, go to the "My orders" section, click "View details" for the product you want to return and then "Cancel order" and wait for confirmation.

    Even if you cancel immediately after the request, AliExpress will accept the cancellation but will start processing the payment and then a refund process which may take about 5 days.

    First you need to access the order. Next, you need to click "Show details" in the order field. Finally, open the "Payment" tab. In it you can see the status of the return and if there is still a lot to recover your money.

  • Canceling an Aliexpress order when the product has already been shipped: If your order tracking shows the status as "shipped", there is unfortunately not much you can do.

    However, you can contact the seller directly, politely explain your reasons and see if he accepts the return. It is worth mentioning that when requesting the cancellation through the web purchase portal, the "other reasons" option is selected, since the other reasons would penalize the supplier, harm him and cause a bad sales history, so that could be a of the reasons for denying your request.

    If you were unlucky and the seller does not want to accept the cancellation, you will have to wait to receive the package and as soon as it reaches your hands, contact the supplier again and reach an agreement or open a dispute.

  • Cancel an Aliexpress order if the seller cancels the order: This means that the seller canceled the order of the product you requested because it is out of stock or there were problems with the shipping company.

    If there is a mistake by the seller and you are not responsible for it, there will surely be a refund or some other agreement between you and the seller can be made.

    We remind you that before deciding to open a dispute, you must contact the provider. After you explain your situation to him, it's normal for him to apologize to you for the mistakes he made. of follow up); although you can also recover your money and request a refund.

How to retrieve a coupon after canceling an order on Aliexpress

In AliExpress there is a wide range of coupons that are the order of the day; If it is a special coupon given by the seller, it is a discount with a promotional code, or if the coupon has an expiration date and has already expired, we may not get it back.

However, if you use them under certain conditions. If all products paid for with the coupon are cancelled, you may receive a refund; but the truth is that it is almost always very difficult to redeem the coupons.

How long does it take for Aliexpress to refund me when canceling an order

After accepting the request to cancel the order, it usually takes a few days for the resources to become available again. Remember that once the money has been refunded, the canceled order will appear in "Deleted Orders". Although the cancellation is automatic (if the item has not been shipped), you will usually get your money back in about 5 days.

If your query is taking longer than stated, you should use the customer service option. They will review your case and find a solution to get your refund.

How to make a change to my Aliexpress order

Once the order is processed there is no turning back, even if the details are simple, the only way to correct them would be to cancel the order and process it again.

It's worth noting that this last suggestion involves repurchasing the requested item. Depending on your geographic location, some products have free returns.