How shipments work at Dressinn, what are the shipping costs? [2023]

Making your first purchase at the Dressinn store? Well, you should know how the shipments of this online store work. In this article I explain all the details about how shipments work at Dressinn so that you don't have any problems when placing your order.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
dressinn shipping

Surely you have ever been interested in buying at Dressinn. It is one of the stores that sells big brands at very cheap prices. But first, you surely want to know how shipments work so you don't have any scare.

In this article I analyze the most interesting features of Dressinn shipments that you should know before placing your order.

Where does Dressinn ship to

Currently Dressinn, based in the European Union, ships internationally, so you will have no problem receiving your order from anywhere in the world.

Tracking Dressinn shipments

When you place an order from Dressinn and the shipment begins, they will send you a tracking link to your email from the shipping company where you can see where it is at all times.

If your tracking is stuck, it will be due to a tracking error or saturation by the shipping company due to a high season.

In the event that the order is notified as delivered and you do not have it, you must remember that the order is delivered without a signature and you can find it perhaps at the entrance of your house or in a community area, they may even have delivered it to one of your neighbors.

Items out of stock in Dressinn shipments

Dressinn is a fairly serious online store, and that is why if when they go to pack your order to send it to you, that product you have ordered does not have stock due to a warehouse error, then they will send you all the products in your shipment except that product of which they do not have stock.

Therefore, you will get your money back. Therefore, you should not be afraid of this happening. The operation in most stores is similar.

Customs on Dressinn shipments

With customs in all online stores that come from outside our borders we have the problem of being stopped at customs in our country and suffering from having to pay this customs tax.

This is why if you have to pay customs tax on your Dressinn shipments it will be as likely as in any other online store. Normally this fact does not happen. If you are from the European Union then you will not have any problem since Dressinn has its headquarters within it.

VAT on Dressinn shipments

Something important to keep in mind is the Dressinn shipments since, being a store that ships internationally, we have the problem with the European Union of having to pay the VAT of each country, whether collected by the store or declared by the customer.

But in this case, since Dressinn is within the European Union, it is not necessary, since it already contains VAT. The same happens for the other countries where Dressinn already includes its VAT.

Dressinn shipping costs

The shipping cost will depend on the country in which you are shopping at Dressinn and starts with a minimum shipping cost that will increase as you add more products to your basket.

Currently Dressinn does not have free shipping. But if you want to hardly notice the influence of the shipping cost, you can make joint orders with your family or friends and divide these shipping costs so that it is cheaper among all of you.

Dressinn shipping time

The shipping time for Dressinn orders is very varied since you can choose one delivery company or another, this will vary the shipping time considerably.

On the other hand, it will also depend on the country in which you are. Since if you are outside the European Union, the shipping time will be even longer.

You should know that there is a transport insurance with a refund guarantee that ensures that your order will be refunded if this order is lost.

How to save on your Dressinn shipmentsDressinn shipments

It is possible to save when you shop at Dressinn if you use your loyalty points called CoINNs. These points are earned by buying products at any of the Tradeinn group stores, following them on social networks, commenting on items purchased, and answering questions from users.

You can later redeem the points as a discount. Your amount of accumulated points can be seen in the "About me" section of your profile.

However, these points are not cumulative with discount coupons, which are another way to save on your Dressinn shipments.

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