How to Dropship with Trendyol to sell fashion in your business

Discover the options that Trendyol has to be your provider of online clothing sales. Start selling amazing clothes for women, men and children in your fashion store.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
dropshipping trendyol

Selling fashion is the passion of many people. Without a doubt, the fashion business is very profitable. If you are looking for a fashion supplier then you will be interested in knowing Trendyol.

Trendyol or FactCool, is a fashion brand that also sells other clothing brands within its online platform and offers the possibility of selling clothing to wholesalers.

This means that Trendyol Dropshipping is currently not available on its website, but we can buy as companies. There are many companies that do not do dropshipping to take care of the privacy of customer data, since the fact that we give customer data to another platform without their consent is highly controversial.

So, you can buy clothes from Trendyol if you want to sell their clothes without problems, but you have to buy them first. However, they will not charge you for being a company. This means that you are required to have a NIF or company number so that they can invoice you without VAT or taxes, and with the lowest possible prices.

You can sell both Trendyol brand clothing and clothing from other brands that sell under its platform. In addition, there is a wide variety of clothing for women, men, boys and girls. In addition to sports and accessories.

In addition, when making purchases as a seller with Trendyol, shipping will be free, and if you buy from the European Union you will not have to pay customs.

The steps for you to sell Trendyol clothes are very simple:

  • Register on the Trendyol website through the link that I register for Trendyol sellers.

  • Add your VAT number. You must necessarily be a company or self-employed.

  • Wait for the confirmation email from Trendyol, that your profile has been validated as a business buyer.

  • Create your order with everything you want to buy.

Finally, in the last step you will see how VAT is eliminated and you can pay less for your order. When it comes to you, then it will be time to put the clothes up for sale on your online platform and start doing social media marketing. Or include it in your physical store if you want to sell in person.

There are some alternative fashion suppliers that can help you if you are not convinced by Trendyol. Also, many companies do dropshipping. Such as Nihao Jewelry or Aliexpress.