How JustFab VIP Works [Advantages and Disadvantages] 2023

If you would like to know how JustFab VIP works and what its advantages and disadvantages are, and above all, its dangers, in this article I will explain all the details you need to know.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
how it works justfab vip

JustFab is an online fashion store that has created a different concept of buying fashion on the Internet. Twinned with Fabletics, a sportswear store from the creators of JustFab, this store seeks to encourage buyers to buy their shoes, bags, t-shirts, jerseys and accessories.

Sales strategies within online stores are very common, what's more, it is the key to selling since there is a lot of competition due to the large number of fashion stores that forces us to be very aggressive to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

For example, one of SHEIN's great strategies with which they really benefit is that they sell en masse due to their low prices, and this mass sale pursued by all stores is achieved thanks to their savings mechanisms for consumers. customers who are immersed in a game where they can search for points, coupons and other types of discounts to apply to temporary offers. This is a lot of fun for customers and encourages buying lots of clothes at low prices.

JustFab has created another kind of enticement for shoppers. This sales booster is called JustFab VIP and is almost a must for all customers.

Although it is a more aggressive way to get sales, the reality is that it works and makes up a perfect marketing strategy worthy of a Machiavellian influencer and not at all sympathetic to the client, but instead comes in to sell with force and without modesty.

In my series of articles on JustFab, which is in most countries of the world, I have explained more topics that will surely interest you. And that's why you can read them at the bottom of this article.

Now I will explain what JustFab VIP is and what you are supposed to do with this program that is the base pillar of JUstFab and really the only real way that you can buy in this store.

What is JustFab VIP?

JustFab VIP is the JustFab fashion store subscription program through which a customer can have money every month to buy products in their online store at a discounted price.

How does JustFab VIP work?

JustFab Vip has a simple mechanism, and that is that when you make your first purchase on JustFab you automatically sign up for JustFab VIP because if you don't you won't get the clothes at a discount.

Very few people are interested in joining a subscription when they know an online store first, and sometimes not second, but JustFab VIP is not really an option that you can subscribe to. JustFab and JustFab VIP, so you can understand it better, work together and are hardly indivisible, they don't separate, they go together and are practically the same.

Each month the subscription is renewed automatically and then each client will be deducted a monthly fee that will depend on the country you are in, but it is established around 40 dollars. This fee remains as a balance for the customer to spend on the web making their purchases, therefore it does not disappear, but the monthly discount if you do not delete your account or skip the month will be effective under any circumstance.

What to do with the JustFab VIP balance?

The balance of JustFab VIP can be used for your use and benefit, this means that not everything is bad, but rather that this subscription is designed so that you save by buying your shoes and clothes. Therefore, the balance of the fee that will be discounted monthly can be used to make your purchases, but you cannot remove it from the platform.

When you make your purchase you only have to add to your basket the clothes you want to buy and at the time of paying use your balance to be able to make your purchase with this balance.

Still, if you're not entirely sure you can read my article on the opinions that people have about JustFab where I summarize everything that is being talked about on the net about purchases and dealings on this online clothing sales page.

How not to subscribe to JustFab VIP?

When you make your purchase on JustFab you must accept their purchase conditions that involve subscribing to JustFab VIP, so as you may have almost guessed, there is no way to buy from JustFab without being a VIP.

There is a way to skip the month and thus not be charged the monthly fee as I explain this article about skipping the month, but if you buy again on the platform that month they will still discount the monthly fee. In this article I explain how to unsubscribe from JustFab.

How to request a refund of JustFab VIP?

This JustFab VIP subscription is a service that starts on the date you made your first purchase on the web, therefore, as it is a service, it cannot be claimed. And although it may not seem like a service, it is established by law. It is as if the service had already been provided and therefore there is little you can do.

But if you don't want to join a subscription you can also buy from other different JustFab alternatives that you will find in this article about stores to buy cheap shoes.