+4 Ways to Collab with SHEIN to Make Money

Looking for ways to Collab with SHEIN? Learn how to earn money with SHEIN right now with the exciting options I offer you to collaborate with this Chinese fashion retailer.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
how to collab with shein

You probably want to get in touch with SHEIN because you like fashion, you like SHEIN clothes, you might want some extra money or you want to create a fashion brand. I'm just like you, so I know exactly how you feel. That's why I'm writing this blog, and I urge you to dig deeper and look for more information like this.

Partnering and Collab with SHEIN may seem a little strange at first because it is an online fashion shop and a partnership with a typical shop is not possible. However, SHEIN is very different from other digital fashion shops and this shop has many shopping advantages that made us interested in taking advantage of its fashion.

SHEIN's fashion loves all kinds of people. Moreover, their prices are affordable and very attractive. In this article, I want to talk about 4 waysto work with SHEIN, please choose the one that best suits your financial means. Each way of working with SHEIN is developed in a longer article I wrote earlier, so this article will be brief.

Ways for Collab with SHEIN

SHEIN is a shop in China that sells very cheap women's clothing at deep discounts. When working with SHEIN, know exactly what kind of sale you are looking for. SHEIN does not guarantee our sales in any way, except for their discounts and programmes. SHEIN itself does not guarantee our sales in any way: we are on social media/networks for materials and marketing. So instead of partnership with SHEIN.

You can become a SHEIN partner in different ways:

  1. Become a SHEIN blogger

    An exciting opportunity with SHEIN is to become a SHEIN blogger. This means you can comment on their clothes, plus you can get between $40 and $220 worth of free clothes. To do this, your blog must have at least 1000 subscribers. You must choose an image from their website that you want to review, take a photo of the dress between 7 and 15 days after receiving it and publish it on your blog or social networks with a link to SHEIN's website. When you publish your photo, you must send SHEIN an email to inform them that you have published a photo or a review of the outfit on their website. If you would like to become a SHEIN blogger, you can join by sending an email request.

  2. Using the SHEIN affiliate programme

    The SHEIN affiliate programme is a way to earn money with SHEIN without investing. All we need you to do is sign up to the programme and by sharing a link to each set, you will receive between 10-20% of the value of each set.

    This way to make money with SHEIN is useful if you have a blog and post fashion articles, or if you also create and post SHEIN images on Instagram.

  3. Creating new clothes

    Finally, I want to talk about the method that nobody talks about, the SHEIN collaboration. The interesting thing about this option is that you can buy a costume and an extra SHEIN and personalise it in some way, for example by painting or sewing, to put your own stamp on it and make the costume you have bought different from the one you have been given.

    The interesting thing about this option is that you can buy the costume and the extra SHEIN and personalise it in some way, for example by painting or sewing, to put your own stamp on it and make the costume you have bought and the one you have been given different from the one you have bought.

    Since the new garments will be completely different from the original ones, you can remove the labels, sew your own label on them, order them on Aliexpress and start selling them at a higher price to make a profit..

  4. Sell SHEIN clothing


    Selling SHEIN clothing is the most funded collaboration with SHEIN. This involves buying SHEIN clothing, tagging it and then selling it on social media, including our websites such as Instagram and the marketing platforms on which we sell our products.

    This is a more complicated path, but if you are successful, you can always move from this option to creating your own fashion brand. It's a gradual way to train yourself to sell fashion.

Remember to choose the Collab with SHEIN way you like best, depending on your resources and career goals in the fashion industry, ranging from earning money to creating your own clothing brand.