How to make a return on Amazon in 1 minute [Updated 2023]

Learn how to make Amazon returns in a PIS PAS! What yes and what can't you return on Amazon? Learn about all the requirements and steps to make returns on Amazon.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
how to make a return on amazon

When the time comes to place an order on Amazon we are excited about our new acquisition, the problem is that when the product is not what we expected, the delicate and arduous task of returning Amazon products to their warehouses or to the seller begins of it and we are presented with the question: how to make a return on Amazon?

ALL USERS CAN MAKE RETURNS ON AMAZON whether or not they belong to the Primer program. Returns are a consumer right except for some items as we will see below.

How to make a return on Amazon

If you ask yourself How long do I have to make a return on Amazon? You should know before continuing reading the article that you have 30 days of return in case you have purchased your product with Amazon Prime and at least 14 days of return period in the If your product is fulfilled by a seller other than Amazon.

What cannot be returned on Amazon?

There are a series of products that, even if you buy them on Amazon, you cannot return them due to sufficiently justified reasons:

- Hygiene or health products such as cosmetics or earrings.
- Products that expire or deteriorate soon.
- Sealed or sealed products.
- Personalized products.
- Daily press or digital content in physical format.
- Vehicle rental.
- Alcoholic drinks.

Steps to return a product on Amazon

You can easily return an order you placed on Amazon. It's just that you follow these steps:

- Access your orders and click on Return or replace products of the specific order you want to return.

- You will be shown a dropdown where you can select the reason for your return in the order.

- Select below if you want to receive the money in your Aazon account or in your bank account or card. The refund of the money in your bank account or card is a somewhat slower process and you will have to wait.

- Ready! You only have to send your product for its return as we will see below.

How to send your return on Amazon

To send your product and complete your return on Amazon you must send your product. To make your return you have several options:

If your product has been purchased through Amazon Prime you can:

- Return your product with Celeritas, taking your order to one of its collection points.
- Return your order by taking your product to a post office.

What happens if the person who sold me the product is not Amazon but a third-party seller?

Current legislation requires sellers to have a minimum return period of 14 days on their orders with the exception of certain items.

If your product has NOT been purchased through Amazon Prime, but rather from an external seller, what you should do is request your return and proceed to follow the return steps when the seller gives you instructions. In these cases, the seller can pay the return costs or it will be you who must do it.

In both cases, the seller will notify you through a private conversation on the Amazon platform. Although you can also discover the return policies in the Seller's profile section and find out quickly.

How to make an Amazon return with Celeritas

Amazon Celeritas return points are commercial premises that lend themselves to collecting Amazon orders to house them until they are picked up by carriers to take them to the Amazon warehouse,

They are distributed throughout the cities since businessmen can unite to become Celeritas points.

The requirements to return your order in Celeritas points are varied:

- Your product must weight less than 5 kg and measure less than 30 cm.

- In addition, the order that you return to be processed in Celeritas must have been shipped by Amazon, that is, you must have purchased it in the Amazon Prime program, since Celeritas will send it to Amazon warehouses.

- If you process your return with Celeritas you should not print any return sticker, simply take your order to the Celeritas point of your choice and wait for its carriers to pick it up.

Find the Celéritas return points on the Celéritas website where you will find a search engine to locate your nearest point and take your product there.

How to make an Amazon return with Correos

In the event that your order exceeds 5kg or 30 cm, you must return your order through the post offices. To send your products with Correos you must print the label and paste it on the outside of the order.

Finally you must go to your post office and make your return. The Amazon office staff will read the barcode on your label (the one you have printed and affixed to the order) and will send the package to Amazon free of charge if your order is managed by the Amazon program. Prime, if this is not the case, you will have to pay the shipping costs or if the external seller informs you so, they will pay you the shipping costs after you have paid them.

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