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how to monetize instagram

How to Monetize Instagram now [Ways and Tricks 2022]

A lot of money! All the ways to make money with Instagram you have them in this article the keys they need to monetize the most famous visual social network on the Internet.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.

If you want to make money with Instagram in this article you are going to find the keys and tricks you need to know how to monetize instagram.

Ways to how to monetize instagram

Below I explain all the ways there are to make money with Instagram:

  • Upload content

    It is only recently that Instagram has opened the monetization of uploaded content on the platform so that users can finally monetize their content.

    This is a response from the social network to platforms such as Youtube or Tik Tok that Instagram already allowed this option.

    You can make money with your content with advertising and donations.

    Donations are gifts from users to the content creator. On the other hand, the way to earn money with advertising, is the most interesting, and consists of showing advertising in theIGTV and IG Live, the advertising will be displayed as 15-second ads and will be displayed by clicking on see more from the publication of the feed and goes directly to the IGTV content.

  • Sell courses

    Your own training courses on a subject that you master and that you have uploaded to your website to sell it or a course selling platform such as Udemy or Hotmart. You can also sell classroom courses.

  • Sell products

    Manufactured or handmade to order, i.e. people ask you for a product, they pay you again from paypal and you send it to the address they provide you, or automated on your website made for example in Shopify or put them for sale on online platforms like Etsy, Vinted or Amazon.

  • Sell consultancies

    Start selling sessions that are conducted through online videoconferencing. the user can pay you online you can't automate sales on your website.

  • Sell tickets for events

    If you are to organize talks you can sell on instagram tickets that can also be through platforms where they sell tickets are your own website.

  • Youtube

    Direct traffic to a website or a YouTube channel where the viewing of the videos can monetize them with the ads you place on them.

  • Web content

    Direct traffic coming from your Instagram to your website with your personal blog where you can earn money thanks to the articles you post or with affiliation.

  • Affiliation

    Monetizing other people's products both physical and digital by earning a percentage of these sales is called affiliation.

  • 3 Steps to make money with Instagram

    First we have tasks to do compulsorily to make money with Instagram which well planned and being constant will lead us to make money with Instagram the important thing is to know what steps we have to take to do it effectively without wasting too much time of our life in making money with Instagram.

    • Define what you are going to monetize.

      The first thing is that you define what you are going to monetize and this is related to that field that you dominate and that the public likes in general. For example: Zumba.

    • Create content and customize your profile

      Following the example above you need to find an interesting name to put on your Instagram account with a logo that has a lot to do with zumba for example and in the description add a phrase that makes people understand what your profile is about for example: Zumba Fit, name and description "The community for zumba lovers. Visit our website".

      You have to create all the content that you are going to upload or you can also upload content from other people. The content has to be related to the topic you are talking about so that the people who follow you are because they like your content that is related to the product or service you are going to sell.

      Pschedule when you are going to publish these contents so that you only have to create them once and share them periodically.

    • Create your community

      Create a community based on people who like your content. You can promote some of your contents so that they follow you paying by doing a small promotion, but if you do not want to pay for your contents you will have to follow other users so that they follow you or write messages to them so that they write to you but controlling it will not become invasive.

      The goal is to have as many followers as possible to see your content. You need to interact a lot with these followers to keep the activity in your account and remain present in the minds of your potential buyers.

    Keep reading the rest of my articles and where you will learn more ways to make money.

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