How to sell your Used Clothes in a simple way to earn money [2023]

Do you want the clothes that are in your closet to be able to give you an economic return because you know that you will never wear them again? Learn how to sell your used clothes and earn extra for emptying your closet.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
how to sell used clothes

Selling second-hand clothes is fashionable, so if you want to leave space in your closet to change your clothes for a new style of dress with which you feel more comfortable, here I explain how to sell your second-hand clothes hand.

How to sell used clothes

Selling your used clothes is very simple, you just have to put them up for sale on Internet applications of second-hand sales such as Vinted or Wallapop and start selling with some photos and a description.

Then you must manage the customer's doubts and when you have made a sale, proceed to send the product.


When it arrives at the customer's address and gets the approval, you will have your money.

These platforms have no commission and the shipping costs are paid by the customer, so it is very easy and convenient to sell used clothes in these apps.

You can also sell used clothes in physical stores, although they exist in smaller quantities and you probably won't get the l money quickly as you would in an online application.

Tips for selling used clothing

Before starting to sell used clothing I recommend you follow a series of tips that will make you more successful selling second-hand clothes:

  • Use used clothing sales apps where there is a large audience.

  • Sell your clothes in bulk at discounts.

  • Give discounts to users who are interested.

  • Present with garments without wrinkles and in photographs with good lighting.

  • Describe the garment well, including measurements and defects so that the client knows them.

  • He pays attention to your client and resolves his doubts.

Benefits of selling used clothing

The real benefit you will get from selling used clothing is psychological. The space that will remain in your closet to be able to imagine creating new looks will lead to a lot of happiness. Since if you didn't like your old clothes and they made you feel bad, you will have the possibility to change your style.

On the other hand, the economic benefit is real, because you will have money to invest in the new clothes and get it cheaper.

There is also, of course, the benefit to society of allowing other people to have clothes at lower prices than in official stores.

On the other On the other hand, giving your clothes a second chance so that someone else can wear them and not have to buy new clothes leads to a slowdown in the production of new clothes due to lower demand.

Disadvantages of selling clothes used

I want to warn you about the legal issues of selling used clothing. If this activity is repeated monthly and also for an amount greater than the minimum interprofessional salary, it will require registration as a company.

Although this is unofficial, and you can expose yourself to a sanction just for repeatedly earning without earning the salary interprofessional minimum.

That is why, before making many sales of your second-hand clothes to save space in your closet, you should take this fact into account so as not to have any problems.

Another inconvenience of selling used clothing is returns, because there are people who may want to return the clothing when it arrives and that implies a longer than normal sales process.

Selling second-hand clothing Second-hand can be a unique experience that gives you money, so I invite you to join the cycle of reusing clothes to take care of our environment and our society.