How to skip the month on JustFab and not get charged [2023]

If you want JustFab not to charge you, you need to skip your month and for this, in this article I explain how to do it without difficulty.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
how to skip month justfab

JustFab within its VIP subscription program for its buyers who wish to make purchases from its website at a discount offers an option to users which is to skip the month in JustFab with which they can control their subscription your choice.

Therefore, even if you don't want to skip the month in JustFab it is important that you know how you can do it so that at any time you want to do it, the task is not difficult for you.

What is skip the month in JustFab?

Skipping the month on JustFab is called the fact of canceling the payment of your JustFab monthly subscription but without canceling your subscription to the JustFab VIP program, which means that if you cancel a month you do not pay the fee for that month, but if you continue to be subscribed to the program and in the following months if you do not skip the month again you will automatically be charged the JustFan fee.

How to skip the month in JustFab?

All JustFab customers agree on one thing, and that is that the skip the month button on JustFab is as hidden as it is knowing that when you make your first purchase on JustFab you you are signing up for an automatic monthly payment.

The way to skip the month in JustFab is by accessing your profile between the 1st and 5th of each month and clicking on skip month in the options of your JustFab VIP subscription if you access from your mobile, or on the JustFab home page if you access from your computer.

You should know that you can skip the month and not pay the monthly fee as many times as you want, so you "are not obliged" to pay each month, and I put this in quotation marks because if you do not realize skipping it, you are almost obliged.

You cannot skip your month by sending them an email and by calling them, therefore, you must do it yourself.

Is skipping the month on JustFab the same as canceling the subscription?

Skipping your JustFab month will only make you pay no fee that month, but if you buy that month you will automatically pay the fee again since you are a VIP. Skip the month is only useful if you are not going to buy anything during that period of time.

It is not equivalent to canceling your account because you are still subscribed to JustFab VIP and to really cancel your account what you should do is what I explain in the article about unsubscribe from JujstFab.

How to remember to skip the month in JustFab?

As it really happens to all of us, it is very complex to remember every month to skip the month on JustFab. Normally we remember on a different date than the one we are on and we say: "of course I'll remember!". Finally the 1st of the month arrives and we think that later we will do it to finally end up forgetting ourselves and that forgetfulness costs money.

As I wrote earlier in another article, the smart thing to do is if your goal is to skip every month and buy just one month from the store, you're better off just canceling your JustFab subscription. as I explain here in this article and buying on other websites similar to this one are cheap prices.

However, if you just want to skip a few months but you don't want to forget about it and be able to choose which months to unsubscribe from and which not, since JustFab will not notify you even if you have the APP, the best thing to do is to use or a warning in the calendar of your mobile or a notice in your Telegram in a private group with yourself where you can schedule messages, this is what I use and the notices are managed faster.

Thus, by placing several ads on that date from the 1st to the 5th of each month, in an hour that you know you are free to skip the month of JustFab, you can finally remember to take this step and not end up pulling your hair out.

As you can see, skipping the month can be easy if you put your mind to it. But don't give up hope of mastering your JustFab account.