How the JustFab Influencer Program works for make money [2023]

Do you want to collaborate with fashion stores? There is a way to collaborate with JustFab as an influencer and you will discover it in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
justfab affiliate program

JustFab is a fashion store that accumulates a lot of fame. Its success was born thanks to its famous "Shoes at 10 euros" with which everyone wanted their pair of shoes.

They also have a JustFab influencer program, also called an influencer program that you can partner with them to earn money promoting their brand.

If you become a JustFab influencer, it's the perfect time to spread your brand with good ethics. In this blog you have many articles to learn about how JustFab works to be able to explain to your followers how to buy safely.

What is an affiliate program?

Before starting to explain how the JustFab influencer program works, you have to know what an affiliate program is. This is a program through which you promote JustFab items with a link and if they buy through it you will get money.

How does the JustFab influencer program work?

To be a JustFab influencer, like other brands, requires you to have at least one active social network, which can be Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. Currently they do not allow us to indicate TikTok, nor a blog to pass the access cut to the program. Therefore, if you have any of these three active social networks and with followers, you can present yourself to be approved as their influencer.

After being accepted into their JustFab influencer program they will give you an identifier through which you can share the items in the store and have users buy them from you.

The JustFab influencer program is available in all countries from which JustFab can be purchased and you have to keep in mind that your affiliate will only work for your country. But you can register in the different countries where JustFab sells through its web pages.

Earnings derived from fashion influencer programs are around 3% maximum in most cases. This percentage is very common, so you need many users to buy from you to achieve a sufficient amount of money.

But you can also collaborate with other affiliate programs that bring you more money and perform other services as an influencer that help you offset the income.

How to promote JustFab influencer program

The way to earn money with the JustFab influencer program is simply that you are their ambassador, that is, you are subscribed to the JustFab VIP program and actively buy their clothes to show them to others. people.

It is true that it is not an entirely economic activity, and we will spend money to be able to show the product to our followers. Therefore, make sure you have an active community that interacts with you to ensure that they have enough commitment and get them to buy those items that you love so much from JustFab.

You can also sell the clothes that you have shown in second-hand applications to reinvest in buying more clothes that you can promote.

Alternatives to the JustFab influencer program

In the event that JustFab does not interest you as an affiliate program or that its requirements do not help you to be accepted in its program, you can try your luck with other programs similar to the JustFab affiliate program.

Among these programs you will find some such as the Fabletics affiliate program, although this website belongs to the company that runs JustFab, also the SHEIN influencer program, the Allylikes program, the Aliexpress affiliate program or the Amazon program where fashion is also sold among many others.