Opinions on JustFab what do people think about buying here? [2023]

Whether or not JustFab is a page you can trust will let you know whether or not to buy from this online store. Find out what people think about this website.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
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JustFab is a company that has created a lot of buzz on the internet. It is not only a clothing company where its main sale is footwear, but it is also a social phenomenon, although its popularity is due to its unpopularity.

That is why in this article I explain what people think about JustFab, in a summary of all the opinions expressed by users on the network. You can also read before this article on how JustFab works to understand people's opinions.

General opinion about JustFab

The most negative opinion about JustFab is the fact that all or a large percentage of people who buy their cheap shoes for the first time on the web do not realize that they will be charged a fee monthly.

Another general complaint about JustFab is that to cancel the monthly charge and "escape the month" option is really hidden on the web and not easy to find. In addition to the obligation to be pending each month so as not to be charged and that they charge the person when they wish to make purchases. In addition, this money cannot be claimed as it is a service whose purchase begins in the first month of subscription.

Despite all the negative opinions about JustFab, you should keep in mind that they always report this VIP subscription and that they will charge you for what little can be done about it, and cannot be claimed.

If you are in trouble with JustFab and you want to unsubscribe you can always do it in the simple way that I explain in this article on how to cancel your JustFab account.

Other people complain that the product is not what they expected, that the shipments do not arrive on time and that the customer service is not very attentive.

However, other people think of JustFab as a legit company and that they like the monthly fee so they can buy more shoes and clothes monthly while saving money. They also describe the website as simple, intuitive and easy to buy.

On the other hand, customers must continue to pay money even if they have paid the fee to make their purchases, so this store may not be entirely economical. (Alternatives to JustFab here)

There are some errors in the counting of loyalty points and some customers say they have not received the points they earn when they make purchases on the web.

Do I recommend buying from JustFab?

You should only buy from JustFab if you buy a lot of clothes every month, then the subscription program can be useful for you. For this reason, you have to have a medium-high purchasing power so that you are not bothered that they are charging you a fee per month, without having to be behind to deactivate it.

On the other hand, if you want to buy cheaper shoes or clothes, there are all options that can help you buy without spending so much money and without headaches. (Alternatives to JustFab here)

In conclusion, it can be obtained as JustFab's opinion that this website would be more successful if it were an online store without subscription and without folds, or if they put in the foreground in their website the purchase conditions in a summarized way. At this point its negative opinions would decrease and it would be a really successful store.