Patpat Return Policy, How to make a return in PatPat? [2023]

Are returns made by customers in the Patpat online store effective? Learn how to make returns in PatPat quickly and easily.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
patpat return policy

PatPat is a giant that begins to overshadow the rest of online stores of Chinese origin that sell fashion, in this case for children's clothing.

But what consumers really value in making a successful purchase is that the product meets our expectations and if it does not, we want to make a return as simple as possible.

How to make a return in PatPat ?

Learn how to make Patpat returns in detail as we will see below:

What can be returned in PatPat

As we can read in different parts of the platform's website, Patpat allows us to make refunds in the following cases:

- The size of the garment does not suit you.
- You don't like the quality of the garment.
- As long as the products are exactly in the state in which they arrived (unwashed).

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What cannot be returned in PatPat

It is important that you also evaluate if your garment or item cannot be returned so that you do not make a return in vain.

But on the contrary items in clearance cannot be returned , this means that if your product was on sale when you bought it, you will not be able to make a return or change the size.

You also cannot return items if they have been washed or damaged, stained or altered for a reason other than PatPat.

Deadline to return in PatPat

There is a term to return in PatPat that we must take into account because outside of it we will not be able to make a return.

You have 30 days after the order arrives to make your return. After this period you will not be able to return your products.

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Steps to return in PatPat

The steps to return in PatPat are simple and easy, just follow them to make the return:

  1. Check your article : you must check that your article meets the conditions to be returned that we have seen previously.

  2. Check the period : to be able to make a return in Patpat you must be within the deadline, then you must look at the date it arrived at your house and add 30 days to know if you are in term.

  3. Access Patpat : login to the PatPat platform with your username.

  4. Contact Patpat customer service : to start the return process you must speak to Patpat customer support .

    When you talk to them, you must tell them the reason for the return and they will give you a RAN (return authorization number) on a document or offer you alternative options if you cannot return the product or products.

  5. Print the RAN on paper : the RAN number is a sheet that you must print and place inside the package with the same packaging that you received, including the same status and all the details.

  6. Send the package : go to your nearest shipping office and send the order to the address that appears in the RAN.

    Patpat does not offer free return shipping or refunds for return shipping costs.

    Therefore, the customer must bear the shipping costs and send it through the company that he sees fit.

  7. Report the tracking number : you will need to contact Patpat customer service again and give your tracking number that they will have provided when you sent the return. If you don't, they won't know you've sent the order back

  8. Receive your money : if the order meets the return requirements, your money will be returned to your credit card or Paypal account in full.

All this information comes from the PatPat website, and although it is difficult to find, you can really see that Patpat's return method is very simple, it has no complexity, although it does not have the advantage of free returns as in other platforms .

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