PatPat Sizes, How do PatPat sizes work? [2023]

Do you want to buy in Patpat but don't know how the sizes work? Find here the information you need about PatPat sizing and guide yourself to make your purchases successfully.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
patpat sizes

PatPat is the perfect place if you want to find really modern and colorful designer clothes for boys, girls and babies. You can even buy matching clothes for the whole family.

But before buying it is important to know How PatPat sizes work so as not to make mistakes when buying at PatPat.

How PatPat sizes work

The first thing you should know before buying at PatPat is that there are different size charts at PatPat.

But in addition, the size table from one garment to another may also vary depending on how the garment is manufactured and its material characteristics.

PatPat garments are manufactured by different manufacturers and there can be great differences between some garments and others.

Steps to use PatPat sizes

If you really want to buy clothes in PatPat without making a mistake, you must carry out these steps in a mandatory way:

  1. Know your measurements : what you should know mainly are the measurements of your children or yours referring to:

    - Weight : weight is essential as Patpat's sizes vary depending on the weight of the person.
    - Chest : this measurement is necessary for women's clothing, both maternity and sets.
    - Waist : the waist is the narrowest part between the chest and the hips.
    - Hip : the hip is the widest part below the waist and above the butt, it is an essential measurement to choose the size of pants.
    - Length and width of the foot : to choose shoes you need to know the size of your foot or it may come just or very wide and you will not be able to use them correctly.
    - Crotch-foot length : this measurement will help you to know if the pants will fit perfectly to the ankle or not.
    - Height : height is essential for children's measurement charts.

    Write down all these measurements and without a doubt you will be able to buy successfully in Patpat.

  2. Select your product : visit the PatPat store and open the product whose size you want to know.

  3. Visit the size charts : when you have them you will be able to look at each item in the size chart of each product that will vary depending on the category in which we are buying.

    patpat sizes
  4. Select your unit : the measurements in the PatPat size charts are in centimeters and also in inches. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find the unit you want.

  5. Classify your measurement: you must look at the measurements that you have written down to classify your measurements in a specific size of that garment.

  6. Look at the opinions: if you want to make sure that the measurements really coincide with reality, you can make sure of this by looking at the opinions and photographs of the users where the measurements will appear so that you can orient yourself .

  7. Help yourself with the materials : you should always look at the materials of the garment to make sure they are as elastic as you want or have the characteristics you are looking for, since when the order reaches your house you can get a surprise and the garment does not stretch as much as you thought, in this case always look at the elastane.

    patpat sizes

Remember that if you make a mistake when placing your order you can always make a return in PatPat.

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