How to get and use the points and credits in Fabletics [2023]

Do you want to save on sports fashion? Learn how to earn and use Fabletics points and credits to buy cheaper when you shop.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
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The sportswear fashion store Fabletics, sister to the well-known online shoe store JustFab, among others, has revolutionized the way we buy fashion and has understood subscription as a way to outperform customers in getting discounts from their clothes.

More and more companies are joining the subscription method, such as Amazon who with your annual Prime subscription of 30 euros get free shipping for their customers.

However, Fabletics' $49 monthly subscription fee is intended for users to purchase quality and modern design at cheaper prices on a recurring basis, meaning they can shop throughout the year or as long as they want without lose the offers.

If you have a Fabletics account with your Fabletics VIP subscription and you've read about credits and points but you don't quite understand what each means, in this article I explain how you can get credits and points and how to use them.

What are Fabletics Credits?

Fabletics Credits are the equivalent of your monthly installment charge for your Fabletics VIP Program subscription. This means that when you make your first purchase you agree to join the monthly subscription program. This is explained in the purchase conditions of the program that you can easily read on its website.

When you have subscribed to the program making your first purchase that month, the monthly fee is deducted around the 49 dollars that they go straight into your Fabletics wallet balance and are called credits.

If you want to avoid the monthly fee you can always skip the month or cancel your account. In articles of this blog I explain in a detailed and simple way how to cancel your account orhow to skip Fabletics month.

How do Fabletics credits work?

Fabletics credits work very simply. When you make your purchase in the Fabletics online web store or in its mobile application indistinctly, you must choose a sports outfit that you like to your basket and then the VIP credits will be applied to your purchase automatically and you will see if you have to pay anything else.

If your order is less than the price of the VIP monthly fee you will have to pay shipping costs, otherwise it will be free. If your order is greater than the VIP quota, shipping will be free but you will have to pay the difference if you do not have VIP credits left. Remember that you have 36 months before your VIP credits expire from the date you got them.

You can use your VIP credits even if you cancel your subscription but then your VIP subscription will be activated again. Therefore, if you want to cancel your subscription and you have more than one accumulated fee within your balance, I recommend that you spend your credits in full first and that month you will be charged the fee but it will not be recoverable.

What what are Fabletics points?

Fabletics points are not the same as credits. Fabletics Loyalty Points are awarded to you for making purchases on the platform. The more purchases you make, the more loyalty points you get. You will earn 2 loyalty points for every euro or dollar spent.

However, you will not be able to earn points if you do not buy using VIP credits or a gift card. Therefore, if you belong to Fabletics VIP you will not be able to earn points because you have to use your credit when making your purchase.

How do Fabletics points work?

Loyalty points also You can win them if you give your opinion about the products you buy, earning 20 points per commented product. You will also earn points by shopping on days with special promotions.

These loyalty points will be used to obtain different gifts or you can redeem them for free items. You can only redeem your points when you have reached 500 points. However, you can also exchange your loyalty points for reward credits.

The equivalence of points to credits is 500 points 5 euros of credit, for 1000 points 10 euros and for 1500 points 15 euros. With 2000 points you can exchange them for an entire set of sportswear.

Your points will be available after making your purchase and receiving your products, and those of the opinions when these have been approved. Loyalty points expire within 60 days so you must use them before so they do not expire.

You can learn more about Fabletics and all its secrets in the articles that you will find on the blog. You can also learn more about other fashion stores.