Polin Et Moi Review: this is what you should know about shopping here

Indecisive about whether to buy at Polin Et moi? So you have to know what you are committing to buy at Polin Et Moi before deciding to make your purchase at this online fashion store.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
polin et moi review

If you have doubts about buying in Polin Et Moi, then I'll tell you my review about this store, which really is priceless, and it will surely help you decide whether or not to buy in this store.

Quality of Polin Et Moi

The quality of Polin Et Moi's clothing is very good. Their prices are not random prices, but their prices really justify the quality of the garments.

They are garments with good fabric, breathable, with a good cut that makes your body look structured and therefore stylizes it. You must bear in mind that when a garment is cheap, the patterns are made in series and do not have details, they do not detail the structure of the real body of a woman creating waist and structure, but Polin Et Moi garments do have this pattern characteristic structured and dedicated.

Therefore, your garments are more durable. And although their prices are higher, having a piece of clothing from Polin Et Moi ensures that you have a garment that lasts longer.

Sizing of Polin Et Moi

Something you have to know about the Polin Et Moi sizes is that they cut a little larger than the size calculated on the web. On the web they have a calculator that adding your measurements gives you your size. But, it gave me the M-L and it's actually an S-M. So it is better to go with the size that you normally wear, since Polin Et Moi does not size small, so if your upper part is generally thin, always choose an S-M, and also in your lower part if you have little hips, yes does not opt for the M-L.

In any case, if you make a mistake in your size, the first return of an order is free, except for guest and discounted items that do have a return cost of around 4 euros. But the experience is worth it anyway.

Reliability of Polin Et Moi

The Polin Et Moi online store is really safe to place your orders and you will have no problems doing them. However, remember that in all online stores you can place your orders using a prepaid bank card that is only recharged to make your purchases and not have to use your real card.

Another fact of Polin's reliability is that the royal family of Spain also wears Polin Et Moi clothing, which always respects that natural and elegant style that this brand gives due to its bohemian but colorful design.

But before buying online, you have to know that you can physically see Polín Et Moi clothes and get an idea of their quality yourself if you visit a store in El Corte Inglés in your city, since this brand is also sold in these centers and you will have no problem to see how the quality is before buying.

Although unfortunately, it is currently only in some specific cities and you can search if your city has a Polin et Moi shop searching here.

Remember that you can also buy some second-hand clothing from them to see if you like the brand, but really if you buy you won't regret it because the quality is very good.

How to buy correctly in at Polin Et Moi

Although buying well at Polin Et Moi is easy because their clothes are of high quality, I don't want to end this article without mentioning that your purchases can be even more positive for you if you know your style.

The importance of knowing your style of dress is very important, because you are going to have a common style line and then it will be very difficult for you to combine your wardrobe when dressing.

With Polin Et Moi we have a romantic dress style, mixed with elegant, which is really very flattering. But if you have doubts, and your wardrobe is not completely following a line, or it is difficult for you to combine your closet even if you have the same style, I want to recommend this article where I explain how to create your own style to dress that will surely help you a lot to polish your closet.