Polin Et Moi Shipping and Returns: how do they work? they are for free?

Solve all your doubts about how Polin Et Moi shipments work and how you can make returns easily, as well as being able to solve all the problems you have during your purchases.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
polin et moi shipping returns

If you like Polin Et Moi and her stylish clothes, you will surely want to buy in her online store. You have to know that there are many physical Polin Et Moi stores, but most of them are in Spain and not many will be close to you, so we are forced to buy from the comfort of our home in their online store.

In previous articles I told you my opinion about Polin Et Moi and how to get discounts to buy in their store. So today I want to make it easier for you to understand how Polin Et Moi shipments work and how to make returns in Polin Et Moi .

Polin et Moi Shipping

Shipping from Polin Et Moi in its online store is very simple. Polin Et Moi ships to Spain, including the Balearic Islands, although it does not ship to Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands. Ships to all the countries of the European Union, also to the United States, Central America and Latin America.

Polin Et Moi delivery times are very varied. You have to take into account that the fact that Polin Et Moi sells in different countries from its headquarters means that its delivery times are different for each destination.

For Spain peninsula the shipping time is from 2 to 4 working days, 7 working days for the Balearic Islands, 10 working days for the countries of the European Union, and 15 working days for all the countries of America.< /p>

During sales periods or promotions, shipments may take longer to reach their destination. But remember that they send you a tracking link to know where your order is at all times.

The Polin et Moi shipping costs are 3.50 euros for Spain and Portugal, 6.50 euros for the countries of the European Union, 15.95 euros for the countries of the continent outside the European Union, and 20.95 euros for American countries.

However, you should know that if your order is retained at customs, you will have to take care of them and pay for them as a customer.

Polin et Moi Returns

There are currently 14 days to make a return from when you receive your order at home. These 14 days are natural, non-working days. But you will only have 48 hours if you want to notify that the garments have some type of defect.

You must bear in mind that you cannot return any Polin Et Moi item that is dirty, stained, worn, incomplete, or for which you have not requested the return.

The first return (or change of garment) is free for the first product of an order, but only within Spain. For the second return or returns outside of Spain, the returned order will have non-free return costs. But remember that the guest items, as well as the ceremony items, have a return cost of 3.95 euros.

The return costs (or exchange of garments) are 3.50 euros in Spain and Portugal, the Balearic Islands 6.50, the European Union 10.95 euros, countries on the European continent outside the European Union 15.95 euros and for the rest of the countries of America 20.95 euros.

Customs duty payments are not refunded or returned in any type of transaction.

To make a return in Polin Et Moi you must access your web here, and select all the garments you want to return to be able to take them to a delivery point or to a Post Office, pasting the label that you will receive in your email and you must print, on top of the package that must be have the original packaging.

You will then have 5 days to send your package and in the following 10 business days you will be notified that the order has arrived at the warehouse and Polin Et Moi will review your order in order to reimburse you if you have returned your order in good condition.