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YesStyle Opinions on the quality, shipping and returns of clothing, is it reliable? [2022]

Casual clothes, elegant clothes, fun, classic and comfortable styles are what you can find at Yesstyle. But what is really hidden behind this brand? Find out if Yesstyle is reliable and the opinions of users about the brand.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.

YesStyle is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty retailer belonging to the YesAsia group which also owns cosmetics wholesaler AsianBeuatyWholesale and entertainment retailer YesAsia.

That's why This is part of a serious and devilish group that has been selling from Hong Kong since 1997, so more than 20 years prove its experience.

Opinions of Yesstyle

If you decide to buy from Yesstyle, before getting down to work you have to take into account what is being said about Yesstyle on the net and if it is worth buying from this store.

Quality and size of Yesstyle's clothes

As for Yesstyle's opinions on the quality of YesStyle's clothes, it is very similar to SHEIN's. Chinese clothing manufacturers all have similar ways of creating clothing and it is because of them that our finishes are similar. Without being perfect clothes with really well-finished seams, but they have quality with respect to the purchase price.

YesStyle has user opinions on each item of clothing, if it has been previously purchased thanks to what you can check if the garment is as it says it is.

They also indicate the measurement of each size that can be found in the "Sizes" drop-down of each product, in centimeters together with an inch converter and the measurement that the model is wearing in the picture.

There are clothes for men and women but currently the sizes are small and there are no large sizes.

Yesstyle prices and discounts

Yesstyle has many offers in its store. It has a flash section where you can discover garments with temporary discounts. However, if you pay attention you will see that Yesstyle prices can be around 5 to 7 euros higher than SHEIN.

There is also a sales section with garments that are on sale for longer than those of Flash section. And we can also have a 15% discount and other different discounts since on the homepage of the website they will offer us different discounts.

They will also give you more discounts when you join the Elite Club Silver Member program from YesStyle which is for university or college students.

We can also get points for leaving opinions on the clothes we buy and thus obtain discounts on our purchase.

Yesstyle Shipments

Yesstyle Shipments can be quite delayed depending on users. Therefore, to a shipping time marked in the store of approximately 15 days, delays of up to 15 days may be added. Yesstyle indicates this delay on their website so they currently know that this delay exists. However, you can always talk to customer service to find out what is happening with your order.

Shipping costs are more expensive than in other stores and are 9 euros for orders of less than 60 euros. Superior will have free shipping.

Users are happy that the order is properly protected in your packaging and is not in danger of breaking.

Yesstyle returns

In Yesstyle you cannot return items in discounts such as 2X1 offers or liquidations in addition to swimwear, underwear, costume accessories, or hair items.

You have 14 days to make your return from the date you received the order.

YesStyle will only reimburse you for the shipping cost in the form of a credit in your Yesstyle wallet in the event that the error was theirs and the products to be returned are defective, which is why most people do not make returns and keep the products, since the shipment is paid by the customer until it reaches China.

Taxes and customs of Yesstyle

Customs bother us to buyers because the order may be retained at the entrance of our country since the order comes from Hong Kong.

However, as Yesstyle tells us: "Starting May 7, 2018, YesStyle will offer a refund of customs duties and taxes on all YesStyle orders under $1,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies)".

Therefore, if your order is held in customs and costs less than $1,000, the money will be returned to your account when you pay the duty but you must inform them.

For the VAT tax YesStyle informs us that when you are going to make the payment the VAT increase will be reflected, therefore the prices on the website do not include VAT and you must check that they add it at the time of making the payment.

Reliability and security of Yesstyle

The platform is secure and you can pay through different forms of payment such as Paypal, Apple Pay, credit card, check or direct deposit.

In addition, your information will be stored securely so there is no user to update. Do not complain about payment deficiencies on the platform.

Advantages of buying in Yesstyle

YesStyle is postulated as a reliable store, with very cheap prices, within which we can buy clothing from comfortable way of many different models without having to spend as much money as in other stores.

In addition, you can buy Korean makeup, something that most customers love because of its good price.

Disadvantages of buying from Yesstyle

The disadvantages that you will find when buying from Yesstyle are prices that are not extremely cheap accompanied by a price increase when adding VAT when making the purchase.

It should also be noted that there are no large sizes and all sizes are quite small.

Alternatives to Yesstyle

Whether or not you decide to buy from Yesstyle will depend a lot of what the products may come to like, so you should know some alternatives to Ye sstyle you might like:


  • Romwe

  • Zaful

  • ChicWish

  • Cider

  • Solado

  • Rosegal

All of these stores are similar Chinese made clothing stores that you can buy cheaply today and with similar styles to Yesstyle clothing.

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