How to choose size in Romwe correctly and not make a mistake [2023]

About to make your purchase at Romwe but you don't know if you're going to make a mistake with the size? Forget about problems in your purchase because in this article I am going to explain everything you must take into account to buy without making mistakes.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
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I don't know if it's happened to you, but for me the sizes in fashion stores are an oasis of difficulties. But not because there is little ability on the part of the clients to choose sizes, but because there is a very large information gap that leaves the imagination of the clients to select the correct size.

As you can see in online fashion stores, when it's your turn to buy, you look at the size charts and choose the garment that corresponds to your measurements. Then the order arrives at your house and the garment does not fit you. Why is this happening? Well, it happens because each garment has a different pattern and an L of a t-shirt and another t-shirt do not have equivalent measurements.

If you wonder why fashion stores, knowing this, have not done anything about it, this is due to pure ignorance or the desire to sell their products and play to see if the clients do not return it. The fact that fashion stores complain about the large number of returns with this fact is paradoxical.

But luckily, someone did notice this problem. And in many online stores of Chinese origin this is a normal custom. Stores like Romwe, SHEIN or Aliexpress are already indicating the measurements for each size in detail.

This means that we can buy without great difficulty and get it right. They also include a section of opinions with photographs of customers that makes us be even more sure of our purchases.

But in this article I want to give you all the information on what the Romwe sizes are like and how to choose yours without making a mistake, although this fact is unlikely, there may still be a possibility of error but much less.

How are the Romwe sizes

The sizes of the fashion store of Chinese origin Romwe, are characterized by being small sizes. Among these sizes we do not find large sizes. Being the hip contour a measure that revolves around 100 centimeters and the smallest hip contour around 80 centimeters.

Fundamentally it is an online store for girls with a small size or size no larger than a hip size 100. So Romwe runs small.

Ideally, at Romwe we should not be guided by our size S, L, M... but rather by our measurements, since each garment is different and there is no common size chart with which we can always choose the same one. size for everything we buy.

Steps to choose size in Romwe

If you follow the steps that I will give you below, the fact of making the right choice when buying clothes and shoes at Romwe is guaranteed:

  1. Take your measurements: First and foremost, you need to take your measurements and write them down so you have them handy when selecting Romwe garments. Ideally you should take the following body measurements: width from shoulder to shoulder, bust circumference, arm width at the thickest part, waist circumference, hip circumference, leg length from the navel, thigh width and the maximum length of the foot After writing down all these measurements you can continue with the next step.

  2. Decide your style: before choosing your size in Romwe you must decide if you want the garment you choose to be wide or tight. You may want a winter garment and want it close to the body, or a wider jumper to wear it over. You must take this into account before buying. Because if you decide that you want the wide garment you will have to add between 5 and 10 centimeters to the bust contour when you look at the measurement of the garment so that it fits you wide. You should also do with other clothes that you want to be wider, such as shoes, if it is a shoe with which you want to wear thicker socks, you should take a larger size.

  3. Match your measurements with your size: visit the Romwe store and click on the product you want and then you will see its measurements. By clicking on each of them you will see the measurements that you must check if they serve you and agree with your measurements. Choose a wider size if you want it to fit wide or your size if you want it to fit correctly. If you want a tight garment you can take a smaller size.

  4. Look at the materials: you must be careful and pay attention to the materials of the garment because if it is very elastic it can fit well if there is a margin of 5 centimeters. That is, if the bust of the garment measures 95 centimeters but your bust measures 100, the garment will fit you if it is very elastic.

    The characteristics of the garment can be seen in the "Product Description" section where they also tell you if the garment is very elastic or not very elastic.

    The comments of the users' opinions under the garment will also give you an idea of ​​how it can look on you. So reviewing the comments is a very necessary option.

And don't worry because if the Romwe garment or accessory you have chosen is out of stock in your size, you can always wait for it to be replaced or look for a similar garment that will serve you in the same way for the look you want to achieve.

Consequences of choosing the wrong size in Romwe

If you make a mistake when you make a Romwe order, you can always make a return, although you must bear in mind that you will have to pay the shipping cost, although they will deduct it from the refund of your money.

There is no possibility of being able to exchange a garment for another garment of another size. If not, you have to cancel your Romwe order before they don't ship to remake your order with a different size.

If the clothes are too big for you, you can also fix them yourself at home to make them smaller or take them to a sewing workshop so that people who know how to do this task can fix your clothes.

But on the other hand, you can also donate the clothes if they are too small for you or give them to a family member. Although there is also the option of being able to sell it at a lower price in second-hand clothing sales applications.

If you want to learn more about Romwe and other online fashion stores of Chinese origin, you can continue exploring the blog in the articles that you will see at the bottom of this post.