How to get points in Romwe to buy almost Free [2023]

If you are looking for a way to save money on your Romwe purchases, it is possible to do so by accumulating points in the online store. The best way to do this is by downloading the Romwe app which is free. By following these simple steps, you will be able to accumulate Romwe points with little effort and get discounts when shopping in the store.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
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Romwe is one of the best-known online fashion stores internationally as it sells to almost every point on the planet. This company of Chinese origin founded in 2009. The headquarters of the company is located in Shanghai, China. The company was founded by Jingdong Chen, who is also the founder of, one of the largest online retailers in China.

They have a wide variety of products for both men and women. The name Romwe is derived from "Romantic Women". The founders wanted to create a brand that was full of love and romance for young women looking for romantic clothing online.

Like other stores of Chinese origin such as SHEIN, Romwe also offers its users ways to get discounts in exchange for interacting with its platform in a way that both the client and they win, since Romwe gets users to be loyal to the platform because they spend more time active on your mobile app or website.

As Romwe does not have physical stores and mass-produces clothes, it can sell at lower prices than its competitors. In this point lies its success and that of the majority of online stores of Chinese origin.

That is why you can also get points to buy at a much cheaper price in Romwe and in this way get more clothes and save money for other daily expenses.

But before knowing how to get points at Romwe you should know that if you still don't understand how Romwe shipments work in your country or how to get free shipping in this article on Romwe shipments I explain how to get it.

How dots work in Romwe

The points in Romwe is a simple way for users to obtain rewards for performing different actions in your online store that they can later exchange for direct economic discounts on their order.

Every 100 points earned you can deduct one dollar (1 euro or the unitary currency of your country) from your order. When you apply the points to your orders, they will only be applied up to the maximum discount of 70% of the price of your order.

The great thing about Romwe points is that you can use it together with discount coupons. So you can get bigger discounts.

You can use your Romwe points from any way to earn them, be it by placing orders, leaving comments, checking in, sweepstakes, any Romwe game or survey. Later I will explain all the ways to get points.

Regarding the expiration of the Romwe points, these are valid for 3 months, so after this date they will expire and cannot be used. There are dates on which Romwe can extend the validity period of your points.

In order returns, your points will always be returned to you and the period of validity of these points will be increased. If you cancel your order your points will go back to your point count.

How to use dots in Romwe

To use your Romwe points and exchange them for a money discount on your purchase, you just have to look for the "Points" section within the process of your order before paying, and hit apply to the total points, or indicate how many points you want to use to discount on your order.

When you apply the points in your Romwe purchase, the discount will be made directly and you will be able to see the final price left in your order.

Ways to get points in Romwe

Get rewards just for signing up! The Romwe rewards program is designed to make the customer's shopping experience as rewarding and easy as possible.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps before you shop to start earning Romwe points on a daily basis.

  • Verify your account: the first time you register in Romwe you need to verify your account through your email. This is a way of indicating that your email is yours. Just for verifying your account by clicking the link sent to your email you will receive 100 points.

  • Check-in daily: to get points in Romwe there is an inexhaustible source of points that is to check-in. But if you are wondering what it is to check-in at Romwe, it is simply a matter of entering your profile to the Check-in button for points and it will directly award you points that day.

    I recommend you use a daily alarm so you don't forget to collect points and thus add a large amount to have available in your next purchase.

    Ideally, you shouldn't skip a day without checking in, because as you go in to check in, you'll get more points.

    You can only get maximum 7 points per day. On the eighth day the cycle will begin again.

  • Buying on Romwe: depending on the price of the purchased item, you will get points when the order arrives at your home. You will find the points you will receive before placing your order under the total price of your purchase.

  • Commenting on the products you have bought: if you comment on the products that have arrived and you reach the minimum number of characters required, they will give you 5 points. If you also include images 10 more points, and if you indicate your sizes you will get 2 points. But you can get up to 50 points per commented article.

  • Participating in sweepstakes: Romwe periodically runs sweepstakes on its social networks Instagram and Facebook. If you participate in them and win you can earn points.

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