How to contact Romwe if I have a problem in an easy way [2023]

Problems when shopping online can happen at any time. If you want to buy clothes in Romwe you should know how you can contact them when you have a problem and thus solve it. In this article I explain all the ways to contact Romwe.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
romwe how to contact

Whenever we have difficulties buying in online stores, the first thing we think of is making a query to customer service, and Romwe is no exception. Like any other store, it has many questions raised daily by customers or future customers who need answers before buying.

In this article I explain whether or not you should contact Romwe and how to do it if the reason why you should contact them is important enough.

Reasons NOT to contact Romwe

Although it may not seem like it, there are many occasions when it is not necessary to contact Romwe because all the information is on their website in the FAQ section. There are many businesses that daily receive questions of all kinds that have been resolved on their websites. And it is true that it is easier to write to customer service and get a direct question, but normally you will have to wait and this makes it easier for you to directly look for your answer.

Some of the reasons for not contacting Romwe to answer a question are the following:

- Doubts about how the Romwe website works, such as how to buy on the website, how to pay or how to add products to the cart.

- Doubts about the shipping time, which we can find on your shipping page.

- Request a return that we will resolve in your online store simply by visiting the orders section and clicking on request return.

- Characteristics of products and sizes, since they are expressed in the product card below the price of each one of them.

- Doubts about size changes or changes for orders, since these cannot be done unless we cancel the entire order.

- How to use Romwe points or coupons, since this task is really simple and you only have to apply them on the payment page.

- If you have forgotten your username or password, since you can easily recover it from the Romwe registry.

- If you want to delete your buyer account.

- They have stopped your order at customs. In this case Romwe cannot do anything about it.

Reasons for YES to contact Romwe

There are some for which it is mandatory to contact Romwe and we will have no choice but to do so if we want to solve our problem:

- If you are charged twice for the purchase of your order. Although you must first make sure that the reason is this.

- If your order does not arrive and more than 20 days have passed (or more, depending on the minimum shipping time of your country.

- If more than 30 days have passed and they do not refund the money for your return.

Tips for contacting Romwe

When you contact Romwe you should take into account a series of tips that will help you make yourself understood better:

- Give all the details of your order without leaving any.

- Clearly state your goal. For example: "My order has been in transit for 25 days and has not yet arrived in your country. I would like to know where the order is."

- Write calmly and keep your composure because you will surely receive a response and solution from the Romwe team.

How to contact Romwe

As you can see, there are very few situations in which contacting Romwe makes sense because they explain in detail all the doubts on their website and this frees you from contacting them.

Basically you should contact when there are no more options to locate your orders or there are errors with the payment of your order or the refund of your money in the return.

There is only one way to contact Romwe: contact Romwe via chat. To contact them you must visit their contact website, enter your username and password and fill in the contact form with all the details of your order and your question so that they can answer you.

Their chat customer service is active 24 hours a day, so you will have no problem receiving a response to your query.

However, if you have questions about Romwe and you don't want to ask them directly, you can find out by reading my articles about Romwe where you will find a lot of information about this online store.