What is Seller's Shipping Method on Aliexpress and how it works [2023]

Have you seen that one of the shipping methods on Aliexpress is the Sellers Shipping Method and you don't know for sure what this shipping method refers to? Know the details and characteristics of this method to know if you should choose it.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
sellers shipping method how works

Within Aliexpress there are many different shipping methods that we can choose from when placing an order. Each Aliexpress shipping method has different features. If you are wondering what the Aliexpress Seller's Shipping Method is and how it differs from other types of shipping, you will find an answer here.

What is Aliexpress's Seller's Shipping Method

Seller's Shipping Method means a shipping method handled by the applicable business whose owner and seller chooses the shipping method and the company that delivers the package.

Although the seller is responsible for deciding how to send the package, it will still be an ordinary shipment without the possibility of tracking. So once it leaves China and arrives in your country, you cannot track it until it is delivered to you.

This happens because it is a cheap and accessible shipping method, generally chosen when orders cost less than 5 euros.

On the other hand, it is quite normal that the courier leaves the package at your door and therefore you do not need to sign anything to receive it.

If you can verify after purchase that the shipping method used was Seller's Shipping Method, all you have to do is enter your username and then type "place order".

It is important to know that the tracking number can take between 5 and 10 days to appear, so do not despair. In any case, you can always send a message to the seller to request information about the order.

How long does it take for an order to arrive Seller’s Shipping Method from Aliexpress

With this shipping method we cannot give an exact time when your order can arrive, since the date provided by AliExpress is only an estimate, it is 75 to 80 days.

And yes, it sounds excessively long, but the AliExpress company cannot dare to put such a small date, unlike other shipping methods, since the seller determines the shipping terms. Also, your order may arrive much sooner than this set time, but that doesn't mean faster delivery.

What does the Aliexpress Seller’s Shipping Method delivery date and full refund message mean

This message means that if you do not receive your order on the appointed date, you are completely free to open a dispute and request a full refund of your order, which AliExpress will accept immediately.

Disputes are really necessary things. If you open disputes very often, you run the risk that AliExpress will no longer take you seriously and even ban you even though you haven't received your order.

We therefore recommend raising disputes when they are really necessary and claiming relative amounts that do not arouse the suspicions of the moderators.

Differences of Aliexpress Seller’s Shipping Method

You have the possibility to choose the Aliexpress shipping method that you like the most and that suits the price you want to pay and the shipping time. There are wide differences between the different types of Aliexpress shipments compared to the Seller's Shipping Method:

  • AliExpress Saver Shipping: Compared to Seller’s Shipping Method, they are two types of shipping methods on Aliexpress and both have the advantage that you can track these orders. Also, the shipping time is never more than thirty days. However, the cheapest price is AliExpress Saver Shipping since it is Aliexpress's shipping saving method.

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping: This shipping is not usually seen on all items on Aliexpress. But if you find the AliExpress Standard Shipping option and the Seller's Shipping Method option, you should always choose standard since the shipping time is shorter and takes around fifteen to twenty days.

  • Cainiao Super Economy: Cainiao Super Economy is a typical shipping method on Aliexpress and has almost no difference with Seller's Shipping Method of Aliexpress. It has an estimated shipping time of thirty to fifty days and the estimated shipping time of Seller's Shipping Method is higher, so it will always be more feasible to use Cainiao.

Why choose Aliexpress Seller’s Shipping Method

Whenever you choose the Aliexpress Seller's Shipping Method as a shipping method, it will be recommended that your order has a small value of less than 10 euros and you do not need your order to arrive quickly, so you can adapt to any shipping deadline in which I know.

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