Selling Clothes on Poshmark EASY! [How to selling & Make money]

Still don't know what Poshmark is and how to selling on Poshmark? In this article we talk about what Poshmark is for, what its advantages and disadvantages are and how you can use this platform to make money selling used clothes.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
selling clothes on poshmark

Would you like to earn money a month selling your used clothes or selling the clothes in your shop? In this article you will learn about Poshmark and how you can use it to your advantage. Discover what Poshmark is and how to make money in Poshmark.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a platform that has a very easy to use web and mobile application where you can buy and selling clothes among thousands of people in the United States or Canada. The clothes that are sold among the people on this platform are used clothes but also clothes from boutiques so you can selling on this application whether you are a private individual or a company. No doubt the great advantage of Poshmark.

Therefore for individuals Poshmark serves to earn an extra income by selling our used clothes, and for companies Poshmark is a perfect platform for companies that want to selling fashion easily on the Internet.

⭐ Advantages of Poshmark

If you are wondering why selling on Poshmark? What you should know before using Poshmark are the advantages that this application to selling used clothes has:

- Well-known platform.
- Many potential customers among its community of 40 million users.
- Simple shipments managed by Poshmark.
- User-friendly application without the need for technical skills.
- Returns are moderated by the Poshmark team and any order cannot be returned.
- Sociable community that interacts with each other in quantity.

⚡ Disadvantages of Poshmark

But apart from the advantages of Poshmark, this platform also has disadvantages that you should know about. The disadvantages are few but you should know them!:

- Only valid for the United States and Canada.
- A lot of competition.
- It has commission.

Shipping costs in Poshmark

The shipping cost to send an order in Poshmark weighing a maximum of five pounds is a fixed cost of $7.11. With more weight the shipping cost to be paid to Poshmark must be agreed between sellinger and buyer.

If you want to know how Poshmark shipments work, it's very easy. These shipments are managed through the company USPS. The USPS boxes or Priority Mail envelopes to make the shipments can be picked up at a USPS office or lost at home for free by creating an account on the USPS website. The shipments take three days to arrive so they are quite fast.

Commissions in Poshmark

As you can guess Poshmark takes a commission of only $2.95 on all sales under $15, while from $15 Poshmark takes a commission of 20%.

How to selling on Poshmark?

Before starting to selling on Poshmark you should know what steps you have to take to have successful sales in Poshmark:

  1. Download the app

    Download the application to your mobile easily or you can also use the web platform.

  2. Create your account

    Start registering your account with your email, and set up your payment details. Put a friendly profile picture and an interesting description.

  3. Take pictures of your products

    The most important thing to selling on Poshmark are the photographs. Photograph your clean and ironed products, measure them to create the description.

  4. Upload your products

    Start creating your product ads in your cupboard. Upload the photographs, descriptions and prices both the previous one and your final price for which you want to selling the product.

  5. Pack your products to send

    Pack your product and put on top the shipping label provided by Poshmark. Then take it to the USPS letterbox. When you send your item you have three days to confirm that you have received the order or it will be marked automatically. You will then receive your payment the same day. Payments can be received by check or in your bank account.

Advice on selling in Poshmark

To selling on Poshmark and selling faster you need these tricks to apply today:

  • Set the right price

    The price of your products must be fair with respect to the product since if it is second hand it may be damaged and the price must be in accordance with these characteristics.

  • Take care of the title and text of your ad

    It is important that both the text of your ad contain the keywords which describe your article and by which the user will search for them in the web search engine, such as "Dress", "Burton",...

  • Take detailed pictures wearing the clothes

    Details selling, and that is that if you are selling clothes from your wardrobe they will have imperfections that the client must know. Besides, with photographs of the garment in several perspectives the client will have clear as it will be the garment and you will have more possibilities of selling.

  • selling more successful products

    If you have already sold several products of one type in Poshmark it is time to continue selling more of the same products, as this will allow you to scale up your business easily and simply within Poshmark.

  • Follow other likes

    As with Poshmark, customers can interact with likes on the products they like. Then by searching for products similar to ours and following those users who have given likes they can see that your product is cheaper and compare it.

  • Use Posh Parties

    It is a time in the day when people share the items they are unable to selling.

  • Offers a batch discount

    If a user wants to share several products in a batch, give them a discount and you will manage to close the sale safely.

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