+5 Clothing stores like Polin et Moi with a similar style that you will like

Are you looking for clothes with a style similar to that of Polin Et Moi so you don't spend a lot of money shopping? Well, in this article I have inquired about different fashion stores that I am sure you also like.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
shops like polin et moi

When we talk about shops similar to Polin et Moi you are surely looking for that bohemian style, delicate and elegant, but at the same time jovial. But surely you are also looking for it to have that quality that Polin Et Moi clothing has.

It is difficult to find the delicacy of Polin Et Moi stores in other brands, although I have also bought similar garments from other brands and of good quality that you will like for sure.

And although it is worth spending money buying in Polin et Moi you can also try these other stores:

  • Cortefiel: My current favorite store is Cortefiel, here sometimes they offer bohemian garments very similar to those of Polin Et Moi and the cuts of the garments look great on the body. The quality is very good. It goes without saying that they also sell Polin Et Moi garments. But similar clothes from your brand are a bit cheaper. The collection most similar to Polin's clothing is Slowlove.

  • Springfield: the young version of Cortefiel that also has some bohemian clothes that will serve as alternatives to Polin, is Springfield, some prices are cheaper than those of Cortefiel.

  • Fifty Outlet: Fifty Outlet is the outlet where you will find the latest items on sale from Cortefiel and Springfield, so you will see items similar to those of Polin and at a discount.< /p>

  • Pepe Jeans: Although Pepe Jeans does not have clothes mainly like Polin Et Moi's, you can find some very similar clothes that will work for you.

  • Compañía Fantástica: Compañía Fantástica is not so similar to Polin because it has brighter colors and more marked prints that are not as delicate, but it still has a very good quality and that style of clothes that give you your own personality.

  • Vinted: I love Vinted, because when we are in a moment where we do not have high purchasing power but we want a whim we can choose to buy second-hand, and on top of that we help the environment atmosphere. The point is that if your problem is money to buy in Polin et Moi, you can buy second-hand clothes from this brand that they sell on Vinted.

  • SHEIN: yes! I know that SHEIN doesn't have the quality of Polin Et Moi of course, but I want to give you options, and SHEIN also has bohemian clothes, the only problem is that compared to Polin Et Moi, the cuts of the clothes don't look as good, the fabrics are finer and more synthetic and the prints are less delicate. Still if you are on a budget you can get a look similar to Polin Et Moi for little money.

In general, finding the same style of clothing as Polin Et Moi can be found by searching the Internet for the concepts: bohemian dress, bohemian camisole, bohemian blouse, flower print shirt, and in general looking for any item of clothing you need accompanied from the terms bohemian or boho.

Did you like these shops similar to Polin Et Moi? If you want to learn more about Polin, I invite you to continue reading all the content you will find in this blog.