What size of MANGO for women to choose, is the Size Guide correct? [2023]

Buying in fashion stores is difficult if you don't know how the garment really fits. Learn about my experience buying at Mango where I explain if the size guide corresponds to the items that arrive.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
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I recently placed my first order with Mango, and the second order is coming because I liked what I ordered. I was surprised by the Mango sizes and that is why I wanted to write on this blog to tell you the truth about the size guide.

Is the Mango size guide for Women correct?

The Mango size guide is correct. Therefore, the Mango size guide coincides with that of each size table, something that does not happen in other stores or fashion brands.

You have to know that Mango's clothes are well made. It is one of the stores whose clothes have surprised me the most because of the reliability that exists when it comes to getting the sizes right when you make your purchase. So buying at Mango, or at Mango Outlet is highly recommended.

Are the Mango sizes for Women large?

As you may already know, Mango previously had a plus-size collection called Violeta by Mango, which it ended up fusing with all of its clothes with all of its clothes.

So some Mango garments do have large sizes that are understood as those between L (106 centimeters of hip) and 4 XL (148 centimeters of hip).

If you want to buy large Mango garments, you only have to filter by size in the Mango clothing category you wish to buy to see the items in your size.

You have to bear in mind that if the model is wearing a wide garment, even if you choose your size it will be wide, oversize, but if the garment is tight and you take your size it will be tight.

You must pay attention to the photographs of each item to be clear about how the garment will fit.

Do they stretch the Mango sizes?

To know if a mango garment stretches, and although it is not recommended to buy sizes smaller than your body measurements, it is always good to know if the garment will be elastic in case we gain weight.

To do this you must look at the composition of the garment and check if it has elastane among its components. 2% elastane would already ensure you have an elastic garment. And 4% elastane is a very elastic garment.

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Equivalence of Women's Mango Sizes

In Mango size guide you can see all the equivalences in centimeters and inches of the standard sizes for each garment:

  • MANGO size 2XS: 78 centimeters (30.71 inches) bust, 59 centimeters (23.23 inches) waist and 86 centimeters (33.86 inches) hip .

  • MANGO size XS: 82 centimeters (32.28 inches) bust, 63 centimeters (24.8 inches) waist and 90 centimeters (35.43 inches) hip .

  • MANGO size S: 86 centimeters (33.86 inches) bust, 66 centimeters (25.98 inches) waist and 94 centimeters (37.01 inches) hip .

  • MANGO size M: 92 centimeters (36.22 inches) bust, 72 centimeters (28.35 inches) waist and 100 centimeters (39.37 inches) hip .

  • MANGO size L: 98 centimeters (38.58 inches) bust, 78 centimeters (30.71 inches) waist and 106 centimeters (41.73 inches) hip .

  • MANGO size XL: 104 centimeters (40.94 inches) bust, 85 centimeters (33.46 inches) waist and 112 centimeters (44.09 inches) hip .

  • MANGO size 2XL: 110 centimeters (43.31 inches) bust, 92 centimeters (36.22 inches) waist and 118 centimeters (46.46 inches) hip .

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Violet Mango Woman Sizes

The confusion created by the sizes of Violeta in large sizes by having a different numbering made Mango merge this collection. But the Violeta sizes are still available at Mango Outlet as a separate section.

That is why you should know the equivalents of each size of Mango Violet:

  • Violet's size S is equivalent to a standard Mango L: 98 centimeters (inches) bust, 78 centimeters (inches) waist and 106 centimeters (inches) hip.

  • The size M of Violeta is equivalent to a standard XL of Mango: 104 centimeters (40.94 inches) of bust, 84 centimeters (33.46 inches) of waist and 112 centimeters (44.09 inches) hip.

  • Violeta's size L is equivalent to a standard 2XL from Mango: 110 centimeters (43.31 inches) bust, 92 centimeters (36.2 inches) waist and 118 centimeters (46.46 inches) hip.

  • Violet's size XL is equivalent to a standard 1XL for Mango: 116 centimeters (45.67 inches) bust, 99 centimeters (38.98 inches) waist and 124 centimeters (48.82 inches) hip.

  • Violet's size 2XL is equivalent to a standard 2XL for Mango: 124 centimeters (48.82 inches) bust, 108 centimeters (42.52 inches) waist and 132 centimeters (51.97 inches) hip.

  • Violet's size 3XL is equivalent to a standard 3XL for Mango: 132 centimeters (51.97 inches) bust, 117 centimeters (46.06 inches) waist and 140 centimeters (55.12 inches) hip.

  • Violet's size 4XL is equivalent to a standard 4XL for Mango: 140 centimeters (55.12 inches) bust, 126 centimeters (49.61 inches) waist and 148 centimeters (58.27 inches) hip.

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What size to choose in Mango?

Both in Mango clothing for women, men, girls and boys, the way to know what size you should choose is the same.

To choose your size in Mango you must measure the body size that corresponds among those you will see below:

  • Pants, skirts and belts: measure your waist and hips, the most important measurement is the hip, because if the pants are smaller than your hips then they will not fit you well.

  • T-shirts, blouses and shirts: measure your chest contour since it is the widest measurement of the upper part of the body.

  • Underwear and swimwear: for the upper part measure your bust and underbust, to take the lower measurement measure the width of the hip.

  • Hats: for hats you should take the measurement of the perimeter of the head in the widest area.

  • Shoes: measure your foot length by resting it without shoes on a sheet of paper and outlining its silhouette with a pencil. Measure from the heel to the most protruding part in front.

After taking your measurement with a textile meter, if your hip size is 110 centimeters, for example, you should choose the largest size closest to 110 centimeters, which in this case corresponds to an XL.

Although you can even buy one size up if you don't mind that these are wide or that's what you want, but it is not recommended that you choose a smaller size because the garment will not fit well and it can tear.

How to buy a correct size in Mango

Before you do your shopping at Mango and select your clothes, I want to recommend that you be clear about what size suits you best, and what fitting of the garments will best fit your body.

The difference in how clothes fit you when you get the wrong size or fitting is very noticeable. Well, we can be seen larger, or unbalanced, which can even visually make us appear to have one type of body instead of another. Luckily Mango has a very good fitting, but you should know which one is yours in particular.

The best thing is to be clear about your keys to dress, and what you should buy and what you shouldn't buy in order to get the most out of yourself. Here I tell you more about the step-by-step keys you need to have your own style guide.