Trendyol Factcool Review: is it quality clothes to buy?

Learn more about Trendyol and the quality of their clothes so you know if you should buy or not in this store. In addition, I explain all the relevant information about your shipments, returns and sizes.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
trendyol review

When I met Trendyol, or FactCool (both names are the same company) I fell in love instantly. In my opinion it is like a SHEIN but of higher quality and with faster shipping.

Trendyol sells clothing for women, men, boys, girls, sportswear, even accessories. The best thing is that it currently operates in almost all the countries of the European Union, and in the United Kingdom.

In this article I am going to tell you about my opinion and experience buying at Trendyol, and everything I know about shipping, returns and interesting information that will help you decide whether or not to buy at Factcool.

Shipping and returns at Trendyol

Shipping costs are 7.50 euros, and are managed by MRW. If you buy more than 149 euros, then you will have free shipping costs. You can also request a cash on delivery if you pay an additional two euros.

The shipments in Trendyol have a delivery time of approximately 7 working days. But the items which they do not have in their warehouse will take another 7 days to reach their warehouse, so if you order items which indicate that they are not in stock, you need to add another 7 days waiting time in total for all the items you buy and are not in stock.

THE fact that the Trendyol order comes from Slovakia and if you buy from the European Union we will save ourselves from paying customs duties and the order will arrive quite quickly.

You can make returns at Trendyol within a maximum of 60 days after receiving your order. You can make your returns as long as what you want to return is not underwear, and it is damaged in some way by the customer.

Prices and discounts at Trendyol

Trendyol's clothes are a little more expensive than SHEIN's, but they always have discounts available that can even make you buy pants for 15 euros, something that doesn't happen in other stores.

Although they do not have Trendyol discount coupons, nor do they have a welcome discount, prices are always permanently lowered.

Sizes and Trendyol clothing quality

The Trendyol sizes are very varied, and they coincide with the sizes they show, especially the clothes of the Trendyol brand, keep in mind that they sell more brands, and for other brands you must look for the size chart in the stores of these brands. Trendyol brand clothing is worse if it matches your size.

They also have large sizes that go up to 5XL, a size 50 with a hip of 136 centimeters, so many people can buy here. You can see only Trendyol brand clothing in the "Only with us" section.

Another thing I like about Trendyol is that in their brand's clothing they indicate the model's measurements, and in some they indicate clothing measurements and that can make it easier for you to buy without making mistakes.

As for the quality of Trendyol you should know that it is equivalent to a little more quality than SHEIN clothes, this means that the thinner clothes will have a little more thickness and will not they will show through, and we will also see how the garments are not so extremely short.

Also, it is comparable to the quality of Boohoo clothing, similar to Primark but with more modern designer clothes.

Is Trendyol reliable?

In my case I have not had any problem making my purchase at Trendyol. As for the purchase process, it is very simple. What can generate the most confusion are the shipments, since at first on their website it is not very clear what the shipments are like and how long they take to arrive.

Another thing that I don't like about the store is that you almost certainly have to get the measurements right, because if you don't, you will have to pay the return costs, in addition to the shipping costs, which are not very cheap, although The fact that the clothes are cheap helps you make the order cheap even though you have to order more to offset the final price of the order.

The fact that the orders have shipping insurance is also very interesting because they will refund your money if the package is lost, although it can be eliminated, I bought with this insurance since the order comes from Slovakia, a bit far from here.

In conclusion, I can tell you that in my opinion Trendyol is reliable to buy clothes online, despite the fact that its shipping costs are high, but the quality of its clothes is worth it.