What is Likee, Keys and Features, Tik Tok's rival?

Know what Likee is and also why it is being such a success in the bazaar that tiktok the queen application of visual content in short video format is shaken by competition from Likee.

Author of the article: Olalla Trendy editor and manager of digital content.
what is likee

If you already know Tiktok's social network, it's time that you also know what Likee is. Welcome to my blog, I'm Olalla, Technician in Marketing and writer and in this espario I bring you the best content so that you can evolve in your life in its different fields. Remember to subscribe to the blog so that you don't miss anything we share on the blog and be aware of new articles.

Regarding the possible US sanctioning of TikTok, many other social media platforms want to take the lead in publishing stories in the Tiktok style.

That's why Likee with approximately 150 million downloads in July of this year 2020, Likee is being marked as a tough competition for the favorite mobile application Tik Tok.

What is Likee?

Likee was launched three years ago in 2017, so it has a long history. Its name is Like Video a platform that wanted to be global by sharing short videos and thus save memorable moments. But if we analyze its app a priori is not different from the mythical application tiktok.

Apparently in June of also this year 2020 Likee was prohibited in India together tiktok and many other applications of Chinese origin, nevertheless having Likee investors outside China it does not have the same pressure and could continue expanding to have the success that at the moment has.

That's why now seventy million more users are using Likee and it has 475 million active users who are from outside China. So Likee is outperforming apps like Vine, Byte Triller or Dubsmash.

In the Likee you can earn money in a similar way as in Tiktok where users give stickers to the person that are equivalent to money. In the case of Likee, the followers give away virtual flowers and the recipients can exchange them for money whenever they want.

In short, what is Likee?

The key points

It is a social platform with the goal of recording, editing and even sharing short videos, in the same way that live broadcasts are carried out. You can change the color of the videos, decorate them with stickers, music, particular effects and also make up and even slightly correct the face of the protagonist. Enjoy the intelligent recommendation technology that helps to put the most interesting content in front of the right users.

What do you need to know about it?

The best thing about Likee is that it provides parental control with the goal of minors, which is activated from the child's account and must even be renewed every 7 days. Only usable by people over fifteen years old. Always use your location to teach you related content that interests you. Segment the content also into subcategories to help us get to each content faster.

How could you take advantage of the strike

Among the features of Likee we find dubbing to be able to act with the movie scripts. You can follow the contents that you like the most, whether they are comedy, culture, daily life, fashion, cooking or other tutorials. exercise, cooking or also fashion with the goal of finding tips and even tutorials. Likee suggests accounts you may want to follow as a recommendation.

If Likee seems an advantageous social platform to you, it's time to start testing it. install it with the goal of finding out its potential. in the same way I invite you to keep looking at the other blog articles because you will discover lots of other contents that will interest you.